"The power of diversity

In the world today"

Corporate Project


It is imperative for the world to develop the capacity to project the vision of the world today from the perspective of its diversities. Considering that "differences" are a factor that makes the 21st century unique in all areas of human endeavour, it is intriguing or astonishing that the analysis of their impact is not a constant cross-cutting element in the decision-making of all actors in today's scenarios.

From the different systems of governance in different areas of the world today (from democracies and communism to hereditary dictatorships); through the effects of demographic differences (gender, ethnicity, age, disability, religion, sexual orientation, culture, language, level of education...), to the sustainability of companies and organisations whose profitability depends on the effectiveness of the interaction of the people who implement corporate policies and strategies.

Diversity is the nature of the environment. And observation as well as scientific studies prove that it generates conflict. However, studies from the 1990s onwards, as well as companies and organisations that have moved towards capitalising on diversity through policies of inclusion of their people, base their capacity for innovation, creativity and therefore efficiency and profitability on their diverse workforce.

On 11 September 2001 UNESCO gave

World Heritage status toCultural Diversity,

because it "generates the Development of Humanity".

Introducing this factor of analysis contextually helps to identify the causes and effects of everything that happens in society, politics, technology and the economy. For it is basically people who shape the world today... people with ever more diverse traits; they operate and interact over ever shorter distances.