Margareta Eklund

Economist and social worker

MD of Managing Diversity INC, Coordinates networks to guide diversity inclusion.

Since 1994 he has been directing different projects co-funded by the European Union and poe SIDA.

Ms. Eklund is a founding member of the European Institute for Diversity Management. An NGO established in 1998 to operate Europe-wide and provide local and transnational support to organisations for the development of Diversity Inclusion and Work-Life Balance policies in the different countries of Europe.

He led the project "Diversity in Europe". A project Leonardo da Vince carried out in 6 European countries from 2000 to 2002. The project was implemented under the leadership of the European Institute for Diversity Management (EIDM). It included a conference organised by the partnership in Brussels to present the results of the project in collaboration with The Conference Board and the presence of members of the Leonardo da Vinci unit. A book was published and distributed physically and virtually to the corporate world.

Previously Margareta Eklund worked as an executive at the Swedish Social Service leading the Tenants' Organisation as an advocate for the collective in the TCO union as well as with the Working Lifelong Learning Foundation.

She was Secretary General of the WOrking Life Delegation and the EUropean Social Fund Council Since 1999 Mrs. Eklund has been with the European Institute for Diversity Management in Scandinavia.

From July 2003 to July 2004 Ms Eklund has been MTE for Equal Opportunities in Lithuania, from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour in Vilmius.

Margareta Eklund is president of the Swedish-based Minerva Foundation, an organisation whose aim is to promote EU co-funded projects in the areas of social, equal opportunities and diversity.